Do You Need a New Phone? Choosing the Right Smartphone 2020

Choosing the Right Smartphone
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A smartphone is a big purchase. You’ll be spending several hundred pounds and you’ll be expecting at least two years use out of it. So discuss Choosing the Right Smartphone. for you in 2020.

In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the things to look out for to ensure you don’t spend over the odds and don’t end up with something that won’t be much use after a few months.

Do You Really Need a New Phone?

Mobile phones have taken over our lives since their rise to prominence in the 1990s.

Pretty much everyone on the planet will use a mobile phone of some description. 1.5 Billion new future smartphones were sold in 2017, and most of these replaced devices that were less than two years old.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at some questions to ask yourself to see if you need a new phone or are swayed by advertising and pressure from phone carriers to get a new one when you don’t need one.

If yes, We will defiantly help you with Choosing the Right Smartphone for you. So keep reading below.

Does your phone work?

Choosing the Right Smartphone

Take a look at your device. Is it running the latest software? Is there any physical damage?

Generally, most people’s phones have more than enough power for what people use them for.

If you can’t run the latest software, have damage to the screen or battery, or any of the buttons used for functionality then that’s the time to change. Most of these things can be repaired.

If repairs cost more than buying the phone second-hand I’d say that is time to change it. If not, you’re good for another while.

Do I need extra features?

Do You Need a New Phone

Ask yourself if you need a new phone that is almost identical to the model you have.

How much difference is a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition going to make to your life? Do you take photographs that will benefit from that extra 0.01MP?

Everyone likes new things but are they going to be value for you?

How long will I use my new phone?

How long will I use my new phone

Buying a top of the range iPhone or Samsung will cost you the best part of £1000.

If you intend to keep it for 3 years that’s still £300 a year you will be spending on your device alone before you choose any airtime plans. If your device still runs the latest software and is in good condition can you justify the expense of a new phone?

Especially if you only plan on using it for a year?

Is my new model much better than the one I have?


New models generally have incremental improvements, so changes aren’t drastic from model to model.

Let’s look at the difference between a Samsung Galaxy S7 Compared to a Samsung Galaxy S8: Most of the features are identical.

Sure, it’s got a bigger screen, more storage, USB-C instead of Micro USB, and an iris scanner, but are these features enough to justify an outlay of £700?

If your phone is less than a year or two old these features shouldn’t make too much difference to functionality. You’ll have the latest toys to show off, but you won’t be in any danger of not being able to run the latest apps.

Choose Do You Really Need a New Phone?

Smartphones tend to have a lifespan of about 3-4 years if you look after them properly. After that length of time, new technology including processors, RAM, storage, and connectivity will have advanced enough to justify a new purchase.

Though, it’s up to you. If you want to buy the latest model, by all means, go ahead, but in terms of need, you might be better saving for the model after the new one to get bang for your buck in terms of new features.

If you really need a new phone then please continue with the post.

Choosing the Right Smartphone:

Operating System:

Choosing the Right Smartphone

This will dictate the type of phone you will buy.

Apple iOS is easier to use for beginners. Android offers more options for customization.

Try both in the outside marketplace and choose what you feel right. If you’re going to be doing anything music-related iOS’ code is better set up to prioritize music apps.

Check Price Range when Choosing the Right Smartphone:

check price when Choosing the Right Smartphone

If you just want to browse the web, check your social sites, and watch a few YouTube videos is there any point in buying a top-of-the-range model with all the bells and whistles?

Phones that are a couple of years old will do everything most people want to do and can be less than half the price of the latest models. As with any of this, you should spend what you’re really like only

How Should be the Cameras:


Megapixels don’t matter! What does matter in aperture speed (lower is better) and features like dual lenses and optical image stabilization? If you are addicted to selfies the quality of the front-facing camera will matter.

For every other person who isn’t like a baboon with a mirror, this really won’t bother you.


Make sure you buy a phone with a minimum of 32GB storage. 16GB is not worth the outlay as you’ll soon find yourself running out of space very quickly.

Standard configurations today are generally 64GB and up to 256GB.

Either of these configurations should be fine for the next few years. The more storage you have the more videos, apps, and photos you can have on your phone. If this matters to you, buy the most storage you can afford.

Final Verdict:

I have discussed in this post more about the smartphone. Do you really need a new phone or when you should change your smartphone.

Also, I have discussed How to find the best smartphone. And How to Choosing the Right Smartphone. So, please be careful with your smartphone. The mobile phone has a great environmental impact.

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